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Black Holes

Gravitational collapse
What would happen if gravity were so strong that even light could not escape its pull? The answer to this question is the shocking and amazing object known as the black hole. basic / advanced
Properties of black holes
What is a black hole like? How were they first discovered? How do astronomers know if they're seeing one? basic / advanced
Hawking radiation poses new questions
Quantum mechanics turns black holes from cold, eternal objects into hot shrinking thermodynamics. Physicists wondered: Is there a microscopic origin for black hole entropy? basic / advanced
Space, time and string theory
Find out how and why string theory modifies the spacetime equations of Einstein.
basic / advanced
String theory provides an answer
Thanks to the string duality revolution of the early nineties, a microscopic derivation for black hole entropy has been discovered, at least in theory.
basic / advanced
Black Holes

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